Thursday, September 28, 2017

Tips You Must Know Before Using Gua Sha as Treatment

Guasha as a traditional Chinese medicine treatment techniques has been accepted by more and more people. Many people have tried GuaSha treatment before, and even including many celebrities. But many people do not know what needs to pay attention to before and after GuaSha. This article will introduce things you should know before you decide to GuaSha, if it helps, please share it with your families and friends.

Before Guasha:

1. Open the window or door to keep the indoor air circulation and fresh, but your body should be warm and avoid the wind blowing your body directly.
2. Do the technique at least one hour before or after eating.

After Guasha:

1. After the treatment, we recommend drinking a cup of warm water or salt water.
2. You must not have a bath in 30 minutes.
3. Forbidden to eat fresh and greasy food, or drink cold water.
4. In summer do not face the fan and in winter you should keep warm during and after Guasha.
5. In 1 to 2 days, if the scraping parts of your body are painful, itchy, or there is the rubella-like phenomenon on the surface of the skin, these are normal, but if it lasts a long time, you should go to the hospital.
6. Wait for 5 to 7 days after the Sha disappeared, then do the next treatment.
7. After several times of the correct scraping treatment, if the condition is not reduced or aggravated, you should go to the hospital to make a further examination and use another method to cure.

When to completely avoid Gua Sha - Important contraindications

1. It’s very important not to scrape over any mole, pimple or mark on the skin. This might cause damage to the skin. One way to avoid scraping such an area is to place your finger over it to guard against accidental contact. The same counts for varicose veins, skin disorders or open wounds and scratches.

2. During pregnancy, gua sha isn’t recommended.

3. Do not use it on people who are very frail, or too weak to tolerate the treatment.

4. Don’t use gua sha on people with bleeding disorders, or for people who are taking anti-coagulant medication, like warfarin.

5. Although gua sha can help you recover from many mild illnesses, it’s not a good idea to use the procedure too soon after major or minor surgery.

6. Since gua sha is very “hands-on” you should avoid giving it to a person suffering from a serious communicable disease.

7. People have skin diseases such as ulcers, severe allergies, nevus, subcutaneous unexplained mass, fresh wound scraping are forbid to do the technique.

9. People who have coagulation disorders such as leukemia, thrombocytopenia etc. are forbidden.

10. Fasting, fatigue, hypoglycemia, excessive weakness and nervousness patients avoid scratch.

The following situations would scrape in a light way:

1. Lower extremity varicose veins, lower extremity edema patients should be scraped from the bottom to the up, and in a light way.

2. Healthcare scraping and scraping the head can be scraping on a clothing, should be in light techniques.

3. If make the treatment for children, should be in a light way.

4. Low blood pressure

5. Fear of pain

6. Also if you scrape the seventh cervical (also called Dazhuixue), you should also be in a light way.

7. If you use GuaSha for beauty, we suggest using some scraping oil or cream on your skin before you start and make sure to scrap in a light way to avoid hurt your skins.

The following part to forbid to use Gua Sha

1. Fracture part of the fracture patient

Special Attention:

It is the same as acupuncture and moxibustionscraping, the same as fearing of needles, some people may be fear of Guasha. Symptoms and more performance for the dizziness, pale, palpitation, cold sweats, cold limbs, nausea, and spit. Encountered such a situation, firstly you should be calm and let the patient supine immediately and drink 1 cup of warm water, then quickly scrape Baihui (heavy scraping), Renzhong (edges and corners light), Neiguan (Heavy scraping), Zusanli (heavy scraping), and Yongquan (heavy scraping) of the patient. If he is still not recovered, sent him to the hospital promptly.


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