Friday, September 29, 2017

How to Remove a Valve Stem with the Tire Still Mounted

Jack up the vehicle. You will need to remove the wheel from the vehicle it’s on if it isn’t already. Slide a jack beneath the closest designated jack point to the wheel in question and raise and lower or rotate the handle in order to lift it up off the ground.
Use a tire iron or socket wrench to break the lug nuts loose on the wheel prior to jacking up the vehicle.

Place a jack stand beneath the vehicle to support it while you work on the wheel.

Remove the lug nuts on the wheel. Use the same tire iron or wrench to unscrew the lug nuts on the wheel the rest of the way by turning them counter-clockwise. Once you have removed all of the lug nuts, set them aside someplace safe for when you reinstall the wheel.
If you misplace a lug nut, you can purchase replacements at your local auto parts store.

Pull the wheel off and lay it down face up. With the lug nuts removed, the wheel may come off of the lug studs easily, but in some instances, it may be stuck on due to oxidization or rust. If the wheel won’t come off, hit the rubber sidewall of the tire with a rubber mallet all the way around the wheel to break it loose.
Lay the wheel down on the ground face up so the valve stem is toward the sky.
Do not strike the wheel itself as you may damage it.

Release the air in the tire with a valve change tool. Press the rounded portion of the valve change tool into the valve in the center of the valve stem. When you apply pressure to the center valve, the air inside the tire will begin to leak out. There is quite a bit of pressure in the tire, so prepare yourself for a large burst of air.
You may want to wear gloves to prevent the air escaping from being too cold on your hands.
You can also use a screwdriver or similar tool to release the air.

Press the valve down to the side and insert the tool. With all the air released from the tire, use your thumb to press the valve to the side so it is flat against the wheel. Take the valve change tool and press the hook down into the base of the valve stem so it goes into the wheel.
You may need to apply a good amount of pressure to get the tool past the valve stem.
Be careful not to scratch the finish of the wheel with the valve change tool.

Turn the valve change tool and pull the valve out. With the valve change tool inserted, rotate it in either direction a quarter turn, then pull it straight back up out of the wheel. The hook on the tool will catch the bottom of the valve stem and pull it out with the tool.

Try to pull straight outward from the wheel to avoid chipping the finish.

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