Friday, September 29, 2017

How to Install a Valve Stem on a Tireless Rim

1. Insert the valve stem through its hole in the wheel. Look at the wheel before getting started and identify the hole through it that the valve stem is supposed to go through. Press the valve stem into the hole from inside where the tire will mount, so the nozzle is sticking out of the inside of the wheel.

2. Hold the valve stem in place with your finger until you can secure it to the valve stem tool.
There is only one hole through the rim so it should be easy to find.

3. Screw the valve stem tool onto the valve stem. Place the valve stem tool over the threaded portion of the valve stem and rotate it clockwise to tighten the two together. The threads on the stem should be the same as the threads on the tool, but be careful not to cross thread the tool onto the stem.
If the tool is not threading on properly, unscrew it and attempt to screw it on again.
Hold the valve stem from the other side with your finger so it doesn’t rotate with the tool.

4. Use the handle to pull on the valve stem. Once the valve stem is secured to the valve stem tool, place the handle up against the lip of the rim. Press down on the end of the handle like a lever, so it pulls up on the valve stem and pulls it through the rim.

5. You may want to place a rag beneath the handle of the tool on the lip of the wheel to protect its finish.
You may need to apply a good deal of pressure in order to wedge the valve stem in the hole properly.

6. Pull until the top ring comes through the wheel. The diameter of the valve stem increases the closer you get to its base and there are two rings in the valve stem at its widest portion. Continue to apply pressure to the valve stem tool until you’ve pulled the first ring through the hole in the wheel.
The bottom ring should be seated firmly against the inside of the wheel.
The top ring should be on the outside of the wheel, holding it securely in place.

7. Unscrew the valve stem tool. Once the valve stem is properly seated in the wheel, press on the bottom of it as you rotate the valve stem tool counterclockwise to unscrew it from the stem. Once done, press on the valve stem and move it around with your fingers. It should not come loose from the wheel.

Note: Don’t apply too much pressure when testing the valve stem or you may push it back through the hole.

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