Saturday, September 30, 2017

9 Steps to Remove the Door Panel from Your Car

One day, when you find the window of your car can not roll up or roll down, or the door handle cannot open the door, it's the time you consider to take your inside door panel off.  But how to remove it correctly, the following steps will help to answer the question:

The 9 Steps to take your inside door panel off:

1. Open the door.

2. If the lock sticks out of the top of the inner panel, remove it, usually by unscrewing it.

3. Locate the inside door lever that opens the door. Pull on it so that you can see if there is a screw underneath the lever. Remove the screw and remove the hard plastic casing around the door lever.

4. Look underneath the armrest. You will find screws that hold the armrest to the door. (Sometimes these screws are under plastic covers that have to be popped out with a flat screwdriver.) Remove the screws. Remove the armrest. If your windows are electric, remove the wires attached to the armrest by squeezing the plastic sides of the plug-ins.

5. Remove the window crank (if your windows are not electric). Sometimes there is a screw in the center of the crank underneath a decorative cover (old VW Beetle). Pry off the cover and unscrew. Sometimes there is a circlip around the base of the crank. Pry the circlip away from the window crank with a flat screwdriver.

6. Use a wide flat putty knife to pry the bottom of the panel away from the metal part of the door. The panel is held to the metal part of the door by means of several plastic grommets, attached to the back of the cardboard panel that fit into holes. Gently pop the grommets out of their holes, trying not to rip them out of the cardboard panel.

7. Check to see if there are any screws up near the rear-view mirror or on each side of the windowsill (Audi). Remove screws if there are any.

8. Lift the sill up out of its slot by the window and pull the panel away from the door.

9. Carefully pull the plastic away from the door so you can see what needs to repair.

Some Tips Might Help During the Operation:

1. Stick the plastic back on. It's tempting just to hang it back in there.

2. Some cars use a Phillips screwdriver, others use Allen wrenches, and some use a 12 point screwdriver.

3. Each car manufacturer is slightly different so you may have to figure some things out for yourself. 

4. Perhaps an internet search will show pictures.

5. Window parts are often available in online store.

You should Know it before buying car parts:

When ordering parts be sure you only order the parts for the exact door you are working on: The driver's side is considered the left side of the car. The passenger side is the right side. (Unless you're in a country where the driver's on the right)

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