Friday, September 29, 2017

The introduction of different material of the tire valve

For a car, tire, as the only parts which contact with the ground, is very important for car safety.

And for a tire, in addition to the crown, belt, curtain layer, airtight layer of several parts to build a solid internal structure, do you have thought that the humble valve also plays a pivotal role in safe driving. If you know little about the valve, do not worry, today we will talk something about the little valves.

A brief introduction of the valve: 

Valve is used to charge and discharge the tire gas and maintain the tire pressure. Now the tires used in cars are tires without internal tires. In the structure, the valve and the tire are separated from each other, and the valve is installed in the rim to play its role.

The structure of the valve:

Although, valve is small, but it also can be divided into the valve body (base), gaskets, gaskets, tightening nuts, valve core, valve cap, and each part also have its own role.

1. The valve body (base) is the only way for the gas to enter the tire, and protect the valve core at the same time.

2. Tighten nut, from the name to know, its role is to make the valve and the wheel fixed more secure.

3. The tow different materials of liners are to tighten the tightening nut. The rubber gasket is to prevent leakage on the inside of the wheel seal.

4. Often-lost valve cap can avoid harassment from the outside, and also as the secondary seal for the valve.

5. The valve core not only can ensure the smooth injection of gas into the tire but also has the function to prevent gas leakage.

Different materials of the valve

After the introduction of the valve, the following will enter the focus of today's content, we will introduce you to the characteristics of different materials valve. Yes, with different metal materials used in all aspects of automotive parts, the valve is no longer a single rubber material, metal material has been widely used in the valve, and in the current market, rubber, steel, aluminum Alloy three kinds of material the most common valve.

Three kinds of material valve

1. Rubber valve

As the most common material of the valve, the lower the cost of the rubber valve is widely assembled in the original wheel rim, and the future replacement of the cost is very low, the price is the lowest in three kinds of material.

Rubber valve introduction
However, due to the inevitable aging of the rubber material, the valve will gradually crack, deformation, loss of flexibility. And when the vehicle driving, the rubber valve will swing back and forth with the centrifugal force deformation, which will further promote the aging of rubber. In general, the rubber valve life of 3 to 4 years, and tire life is almost the same, it is recommended to replace the tire when the rubber valve replacement.

Three kinds of material of the valve in their own weight also has a significant difference, their weight will be on the vehicle under the quality and dynamic balance have a certain impact (less spring quality, the vehicle's dynamic response and control performance better) So we weigh the weight of the three kinds of materials. (Weighing the total weight of 4 valves)

After weighing, the total weight of the four rubber valves is about 70g, the weight is located in the middle of the three kinds of the material valve.

2. Steel valve

In order to avoid the aging of the rubber valve, the market gradually appeared in the metal material of the valve, and steel valve is one of them. As the material has changed, the price of steel doors than the rubber valve to be much higher, a set of prices in 150 yuan, a single price is also about 50 yuan.

Steel gas valve life is two to three times the rubber valve, which is mainly due to its metal material is not easy to be oxidized, while the metal valve also has a more excellent air tightness.

 But the weight of the steel valve is the weight of the three kinds of material valve, the total weight of four steel doors reached 150g. Taking into account the tires of the dynamic balance, the installation of steel valves after the need to assemble more weight on the rim, which will increase the quality of the reed.

3. Aluminum alloy valve

Aluminum alloy valve also belongs to the metal valve, its life and air tightness and steel valve mouth quite, but the price has gone up further, 200 yuan/sets and 60 yuan/month price some others raspberry, mainly because of aluminum Lighter than the steel, which is undoubtedly more favorable balance of the wheel.

The tips to buy a valve

 When we buy the valve, in addition, to consider its material problems, but also pay attention to the size of the valve, the quality of the valve core and the valve cap contains a seal, and we do not be blinded by the colorful valve. In the purchase of today's popular tire pressure monitor, try to choose the embedded tire pressure sensor, to avoid the loss of exposed sensors.


In the car life if the presence of the valve is clearly not so wise, small it is about our car can be normal, safe on the road, different materials, the valve also has their own different characteristics The And we hope that through this article, allows you to have a new understanding of the valve and a more comprehensive understanding of the car lives in a lot of attention to the use of the valve to ensure that our own car safety.


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