Friday, September 29, 2017

How to Install a New Valve Stem

Place the insertion tube over the valve stem hole. Valve stem replacement toolkits come with an insertion tube that should be placed over the valve stem hole with the larger opening facing up. Make sure the tube is correctly aligned with the hole; if it is even slightly misaligned it will stop you from inserting the new valve stem.
You can purchase valve stem replacement toolkits at your local auto parts store.
The insertion tube will guide the new valve stem as you press it into place.

Lubricate the new valve stem. Take the new valve stem and cover it in an automotive lubricant designed to create a seal once the valve stem is in place. The lubricant will make it easier to insert the valve stem through the valve stem hole.
You can purchase tire sealant lubricant at your local auto parts store.
You may be able to insert the valve stem without lubricant, but the seal will be stronger if you use it.

Press the valve stem into the tire with one quick motion. Insert the valve stem top first into the insertion tool that resembles a screwdriver, then slide the stem and tool into the insertion tube. With one swift motion, press the valve stem down through the tube and hole in the rim, then pull back up to pull the top of the stem through the wheel.
You will need to thread the valve stem onto the insertion tool so you can pull it back up once inserted.
You may need to apply a good deal of pressure to get the stem through the hole.

Pull up on the insertion tool with a strong jerk. Just as you swiftly pressed the stem through the hole, now pull backward on the handle in one swift motion to pull the majority of the valve stem back through it. The bottom ring of the valve stem will prevent it from passing all the way back through, properly seating the valve stem.
If you accidentally pull the stem all the way back through, repeat the process to reinsert it.
You can now refill the tire and place it back on the vehicle.

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